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Sun Software Distribution at Rutgers

This document describes the way software for Suns is distributed at Rutgers. It is intended for anyone who runs a Sun workstation.

Sun software distribution at Rutgers

Software for Suns is distributed in four ways:


All software that we get from Sun is placed on a central server, accessible to all systems at Rutgers. This includes operating system distributions, as well as additional software for which we have site licenses. This software may be used on any University-owned machine (though Sun does not appear to object to using it on machines owned by faculty and staff).

Until recently, the only server has been That machine is nearing the end of its useful life. Thus a new server is being set up, by our new Unix support group (OSS). As of the end of February, 2000, most software is still on igor. So are the automatic retrievals of Sun patches. However new software is going onto alfred.

Here are appropriate mounts:

/rutgers/ref igor:/rutgers/ref
/rutgers/ref1 igor:/rutgers/ref1
/rutgers/ref2 igor:/rutgers/ref2
/rutgers/ref3 igor:/rutgers/ref3
/sos/oss-media alfred:/sos/oss-media
If you have the /net file system set up (which happens by default when you install Solaris), you can also access /rutgers/ref and /sos/oss-media as follows:
/net/igor/igor/ref/ref/ /net/alfred/sos/oss-media/

The most important directories on /rutgers/ref are

/rutgers/ref is also used to distribute certain Rutgers software. This is primarily Rutgers authentication software, intended for people who do not use Track. See /rutgers/ref/ru-dist/README. /rutgers/ref/ru-dist also has a few files that are referred to in the Solaris installation guide.


TINT is an automated software distribution system. It has a wide variety of software for Suns. Most of it is free, but there are a few commercial packages for which we have a site license (e.g. Maple). See the TINT web page for further information.


Track the previous generation of software distribution. It is still running, but new software is not being placed in it.


Sun sponsors a repository of free software for Suns, called Sunsite. Sunsite has a number of different things, including software for Linux.

For Suns, Sunsite has a collection of software in pkgadd format. Pkgadd comes with Solaris. It is normally used to add optional or commercial software.

The Sunsite collection includes the major Gnu packages, as well as Perl, X, and various other utilities.


The Microcomputer Support Services Group maintains most site licenses for Rutgers. While most of their software is for PC's and Macintoshes, they do have some applications software for Unix, including Arcview and related products, SAS, and SPSS. The Rutgers site license web page contains information about this software, as well as contact information for Oracle.


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