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Using Sunscreen as a host firewall

These are some notes on installing SunScreen Lite for Solaris 8. For Solaris 9, here are instructions for installing and configuration SunScreen on Solaris 9. For Solaris 9, you may still want to look at the configuration examples near the end of this page, but otherwise you probably won't find this page useful. Solaris 10 has its own firewall software, which generally is easier to use than Sunscreen. See Solaris 10 at Rutgers for an introduction to the Solaris 10 firewall software.

I assume you want to use it as a host-based firewall. That is, I assume your goal is just to protect the machine it's install on. It's pretty easy to set up for that. It can do a lot more. For information on that, you'll need to read the manuals yourself. A copy for download, and documentation, is available on

Note that this only works for Solaris 8 (and presumably later versions). These notes apply to Solaris 8, with differences for Solaris 9 noted. They haven't been checked for Solaris 10.

You'll need to look at the installation manual fairly carefully. In the administration manual, you'll need the sections on changing your password and working with the configuration editor. As far as configuration, you'll probably just need the section on creating objects and creating/editing rules.


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