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Year 2000 Considerations for Suns at Rutgers

Sun has a good web page covering Year 2000 issues for Suns. This page has more specific information for Sun system administrators at Rutgers.

If you look through all of Sun's information, the quick summary is:

Rutgers mirrors patches for all Solaris releases that we think are in use at Rutgers. They are /rutgers/ref/sun-patches. Anyone on one of the Rutgers networks can mount /rutgers/ref from Here's a set of entries for automount:

/rutgers/ref igor:/rutgers/ref
/rutgers/ref1 igor:/rutgers/ref1
/rutgers/ref2 igor:/rutgers/ref2
/rutgers/ref3 igor:/rutgers/ref3

We suggest that you install Sun's recommended patches. They are listed in the file Solaris2.*.PatchReport, in /rutgers/ref/sun-patches. For Solaris 2.6 and later, that's all you need to be Year 2000 compliant.

You can also get the recommended patches from Sun's public patch web page. They have "clusters" containing all the recommended and security patches.

For versions of Solaris before 2.6, you need additional patches for year 2000. That is, the "recommended patches" aren't enough. Once you're installed them, you have to install an additional cluster of year 2000 patches.

The most convenient way to get the year 2000 patches for 2.5.1 is from Sun's public patch web page. We do not yet have the list of year 2000 patches on /rutgers/ref.

There are year 2000 patches for earlier releases (back to 2.3), but they do not appear to be in any public place. We strongly recommend that you move to at least 2.5.1 before 2000. If this is impossible, please contact for the current list of year 2000 patches for earlier releases.

OIT no longer supports Solaris 1, i.e. SunOS 4.1.x. However in case there is anyone still using it, the Year 2000 patches for 4.1.3 U1 and 4.1.4 are in /rutgers/ref/year2000-41x. Start by looking at index.html in a browser. NOTE: these patches replace components that Rutgers has modified. Certainly they replace libc. Currently there are no plans to produce Rutgers modifications of the Year 2000 patches for 4.1.x. We're hoping that 4.1.x is restricted to a few machines with odd hardware, and that they can use unmodified Sun software. If this is a serious problem, contact However we make no commitments.

OIT no longer supports Sun 3's except as X terminals. (Sun 3's are at least 10 years old.) We don't think there are any Sun 3's in use at Rutgers as anything other than X terminals. So far tests with X terminal configurations show that there is no problem either operating during the transition to 2000 or booting after 2000. It appears that the proper date it stored in non-volatile memory. Note that the software involved is very limited: The X terminal configuration includes only the kernel, X server, and a few programs needed to boot or access locally-attached devices. It is nearly certain that serious year 2000 issues would occur in Sun 3's being used as normal workstations or servers. Some testing is still in progress. If you are using a Sun 3 X terminal, you should check back with this page: it will be updated again when testing is finished. We have not tested Sun 3's for year 2037 compliance. (In 2037, the 32-bit date format rolls over.)


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