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Solaris Support at Rutgers

The Open Systems Support group (OSS) coordinates support for Solaris 8 and 9 at Rutgers. That web page should be your primary reference. The CTO coordinates support for Solaris 10 and later, to the extent that we provide local support.

OSS works with Solaris administrators in at least the following ways:

Solaris is now in some sense free. You can download copies directly from Sun. Security patches and new device drivers are available without paying for support. However full support requires a contract.

Rutgers currently pays for Solaris support on a University basis. This includes access to patches, and the ability to call for phone support. Phone support must go through one of a small number of contacts defined by OIT. In most cases it should not be necessary for you to purchase support yourself. (The exception is if you have a critical system, and need to be able to contact phone support directly.)

Here is a list of the primary software and tools:

The central systems in New Brunswick are maintained using these tools.

Online Sun Software

Anyone on the Rutgers network may mount oss-public-nfs:/rutgers/public. If you prefer to use the /net automount point, you will need a more complex path, currently /net/oss-public-nfs/vol/vol0/rutgers/public. (oss-dist has the current distributions. oss-media is older software.)

In oss-public-nfs/rutgers, you'll find several useful things:


Rutgers maintains a repository of Sun software in RPM format. For more information, see

Solaris 10

OSS is currently not supporting Solaris 10 to the same degree as Solaris 9. Solaris 10 is being used by Enterprise Systems and Services and the Office of Instructional and Research Technology, but some other areas either have not upgraded yet or are evaluating Linux. For basic information on using Solaris 10 at Rutgers, see Installing Solaris 10 at Rutgers.

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