Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Comtarsia Software Overview


At Rutgers University, IT administrators have had access to a central LDAP server for use as a directory and authentication service. This allows Rutgers NetID authentication on end-user PC's and in computer labs. On the Windows 2000 and XP platforms, and IT administrator was able to make use of software called “pGina” to allow LDAP authentication. However, pGina was not an option with the introduction of Windows Vista and then Windows 7, the prominence of 64-bit, and the decreased development of pGina and lack of support on Windows 7 x64. Support in particular for Windows 7 x64 (but also for previous platforms such as XP and 2003) was found in new software, “Comtarsia Logon Client”.

About Comtarsia Software

Comtarsia is a German-based company that creates and supports software that provides authentication capabilities to directory services such as LDAP.

Generally, version 2006 software is designed to support Windows 2000/XP/2003. Version 2008 software is designed to support the Windows Vista, 7, and 2008 platforms. More recent versions support up to and including Windows 10.

Comtarsia web site (English):

Key Software for Rutgers

The most important piece of software for Rutgers, and the reason for purchase, is the Comtarsia LDAP Logon Client. In addition to LDAP, this software can do Kerberos authentication against MIT Kerberos, and specifically Redhat's IPA.

The “SignOn Gate” software is also useful in that it allows a computer using any of the Logon Client software to create or synchronize accounts on Active Directory or other directory server on-the-fly, rather than work with local accounts. This software is server-based, as Logon Clients connect to it to have the accounts created or synchronized.

Download Links

The following download link is available for all Comtarsia software. One can download the software directly from Comtarsia, and then license the product using the keys provided in the software portal.